VALUE AND SHADING BUNDLE/Middle or High School Art: Distance Learning



This high school drawing sequence is great for distance learning or working in the classroom. It breaks down shading and learning how to see and record value into small digestible parts. It is perfect for beginners with any level of interest. It begins with quick simple worksheets that get students to notice different levels of gray and layer graphite to create small three dimensional geometric shapes quickly and build confidence and understanding fast. You can actually see the light go off in their heads when they realize why we see edges without outline.

Very slowly shapes get more complex and students begin to understand how to create depth and form with value. The presentations, videos, and worksheets stress patience and awareness. They are great for large classes with many levels of ability. Each lesson stresses mindfulness and the importance of slowing down and recognizing when your brain gets ahead and begins to draw what it thinks it sees rather than what is there.

Each project includes reference images to draw from and worksheets to practice the skill before moving onto larger more overwhelming projects. Proper form is stressed over finishing quickly and students are reminded that drawing realistically is not something that just happens. It takes time and doesn’t begin perfect. This bundle of shading lessons builds awareness and develops patience in even the most apprehensive students.

All of my lessons are formatted to share digitally with your students so they can see the video demonstrations and presentations from their own devices.

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VALUE AND SHADING BUNDLE/Middle or High School Art: Distance Learning