Negative Space Drawing for Middle or High School Art



This negative space drawing project is great for distance learning or art in the classroom. It is excellent for middle or high school beginner artists and as a creative exercise for more advanced students. Included are:

  • 7 reference images to draw from
  • Video instruction links on reference images with QR codes students can scan
  • Rubrics for easy grading.
  • Mark Making Pen and Ink Handout
  • Mark Making Practice Exercise

***This project is also included in this NEGATIVE SPACE BUNDLE which includes additional practice worksheets and resources.

The instructions say to use 9×9 paper however, this can be modified give or take a few inches based on what size paper you and your students have available to them. Drawing the ½ inch border or frame is also optional. Students can use pen, felt tip marker, or any fine point drawing medium.

This project is very versatile and can be modified to your own class needs. You can have students choose which image they would like to draw or you can assign specific images to students. Another fun variation is to have them draw the same image twice and fill the negative space with expressive marks on one drawing and fill in the positive space with marks on the other. Students practice hatching, cross hatching, expressive scribble, stippling, and their own creative marks/patterns.

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Negative Space Drawing for Middle or High School Art