Middle or High School Art: Reflective Symmetry Name Design



This middle or high school art lesson produces very cool reflective symmetry designs that resemble Totems. They are derived from words or names drawn in fonts created by students. The lesson includes a Google Slides presentation to show your students that includes step by step instructions with sample student work and video demonstrations, worksheets, teacher instructions, and sample fonts for inspiration. The worksheets can be shared and completed digitally by students. Students are amazed when they think they are drawing a simple word in a cool font then find out they created Totem faces with tons of personality. They realize they can create emotion and express aspects of themselves without literal imagery. This lesson can work for any level art class. This is done on larger size paper but it can be modified and done on a smaller scale with any sized paper.

This lesson can be uploaded to Google Classroom. If you would like to learn how to upload this lesson to Google Classroom the following tutorial will walk you through it step by step:


If you are looking for more lessons that teach the elements and principles of art with PowerPoints, worksheets, videos, and student examples all organized for you this lesson is also included in the design bundle. It contains five lessons focusing on design and self-expression and discovery. This is a very large time saver and even includes sub plans to have on hand for unexpected situations. The link to the bundle is below.


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Middle or High School Art: Reflective Symmetry Name Design