Middle or High School Art Journal Bundle



This contains everything you need to teach high school or middle school art students how to keep a visual art journal. They can use an old book, a sketchbook or any pages they keep in a folder. All of my lessons are formatted to share digitally with your students so they can see any video demonstrations and presentations from their own devices.

If you want to learn how to use Google Classroom for art check out the resource below. In this product, I walk you through step by step how to get started and give you tips and ideas to make your lessons go smoother.

This lesson contains:

  • A PowerPoint presentation to show students with lots of images and examples
  • An edited video demonstration in the PowerPoint
  • A handout explaining what the visual journal is and its benefits
  • A handout explaining how to use various materials and techniques
  • A step by step handout with photos explaining each step
  • Sample prompts and ideas for topics
  • A handout on the benefits of doodling
  • Examples of doodle ideas

If you want students to create their own book, the below lesson is a very simple easy to make project.

Visual journals are so fun and students love being able to express themselves in unique and creative ways. Using mixed media and the elements of art to create meaning in journals allows students to organize their thoughts and ideas without having fear of not having the proper drawing “skills”. They learn how to think outside the box and create art that is not just a literal representation of their ideas. They explore new art mediums and learn how “mistakes” can be opportunities to grow and think differently than what first comes to their minds. This process encourages students to layer materials and understand that art doesn’t always look great immediately from the beginning. It takes layers and experimentation. It encourages risk taking and changing ideas as the artistic process unfolds. This lesson gives students so much confidence and the ability to think more abstractly. They learn how to make meaning and express their unique selves mindfully using various art methods and techniques.

If you like this lesson you may like this create your own book lesson. Students use collage, and simple sewing to create their own sketchbook/visual journal.

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Middle or High School Art Journal Bundle