Middle or High School Art: Drawing and Shading Ellipses-Distance Learning



This middle or high school art drawing ellipses project can be shared digitally through Google Classroom or any digital platform. It is a great for distance learning or as an in class project.

It contains:

  • Teacher instructions with a link to a complete Google Slide Presentation. This one presentation has links to the video demonstration, practice worksheets, reference images, and rubrics. This makes sharing digitally with students so easy. You only need to copy one link and they can access all of the resources from one place.
  • A video demonstration that shows a drawing from start to finish highlighting important aspects of shading white on white objects and creating depth using value.
  • 23 reference photos to draw from
  • A practice worksheet with hints and tips to shade the cup and build value gradually.
  • A worksheet that covers value and shading form to create depth and dimension.
  • A digital rubric for easy grading

Check out my resource on how to use Google Classroom for art. In this product, I walk you through step by step how to get started and give you tips and ideas to make your lessons go smoother.


This resource is a great follow up lesson to the cross contour ellipse drawing lesson. The reference photos were taken by me and contain simple white forms containing ellipses with a white background. They vary in complexity and are great for teaching many different levels of ability. They are divided into four quadrants which can be divided further if needed to break the image down into easier to draw shapes. This is a great way for students to learn how value defines edges of objects and practice layering and blending to create depth and dimension in their work. The video is just under ten minutes and is sped up, cut, and edited so students see the drawing happen from start to finish. It highlights common mistakes and shows how layering graphite or charcoal creates smooth realistic looking form.

The only materials needed for this project are paper, pencils or charcoal pencils, a pencil sharpener and an eraser. Blending stumps are optional.

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Middle or High School Art: Drawing and Shading Ellipses-Distance Learning