MARK MAKING ART WORKSHEETS: Middle or High School: Distance Learning



These middle or high school art mark-making worksheets are excellent for distance learning, homeschool art, or art in the classroom. They are formatted to be as versatile as possible so students can access the video tutorials easily from home or in class.  They work well for art classes with mixed levels or students transitioning between home and school.

These drawing worksheets cover the art elements of line, color, shape, and form. Students learn to use a variety of creative expressive marks and understand the importance of making sure the marks follow the contours of the forms to create depth and dimension.  They are ready-to-go and easy to follow.

Included are:

• 2 instructional handouts

•2 practice worksheets with links and QR codes to student directed video demonstrations

These art worksheets can be printed, or you can share them digitally with your students. Students can scan the QR codes or click the links right on the worksheets to access the video demonstrations. If students do not have access to a printer, they can complete the exercises on a separate sheet of paper or in their sketchbooks.

These drawing worksheets help students practice mark-making techniques. They are great as art sub plans, early finisher assignments, as an activity for students on home instruction or in ISS, or to introduce any mark-making drawing or art lesson.

These can be completed with a variety of different media and encourage students to experiment with different mark-making techniques. Thick and thin markers, colored pencils, gel pens, and paint markers are all great choices.

All of my lessons can be shared with your students through Google Classroom or any digital platform. You can find more of my art projects and art lessons in my TPT shop.

More of my student’s artwork and art project samples can be found on my Instagram.

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High School Art Worksheets or Art Sub Plans

MARK MAKING ART WORKSHEETS: Middle or High School: Distance Learning