Middle or High School Art Lesson Radial Symmetry Mandalas



This middle or high school art lesson contains two mandala art projects.

The first is a simple mandala using sharpie marker with the option to add colored pencil or colored marker accents. This can be done in the classroom or via distance learning.

Lesson one includes:

  1. A Google Slides presentation explaining what the mandala is and how it aids in mindfulness. It shows lots of examples of student work and step by step instructions on how to create the mandala.
  2. A PDF with link and QR code that students can scan and see the presentation from their phones or ipads even if you do not upload the lesson to Google Classroom.
  3. Practice worksheet
  4. Step by step handout with tips and suggestions.

The second mandala includes watercolor and focuses on the use of warm and cool colors.

It includes:

  1. A PDF with link to a Google Slide Show that has detailed instructions, student samples, and video demonstration.
  2. A Google Slideshow with detailed instructions, examples of student work, and a video demonstration

The first mandala helps students gain pattern making skills and understand how to use symmetry and repetition. They gain confidence and skills using the materials. The second allows them to be a little more expressive and crop their compositions to create more dramatic results.

This product is also included in the Design bundle.

If you are looking for more lessons that teach the elements and principles of art with presentations, worksheets, videos, and student examples all organized for you this lesson is also included in the design bundle. It contains five lessons focusing on design and self-expression and discovery. This is a very large time saver and even includes sub plans to have on hand for unexpected situations. The link to the bundle is below.


All of my lessons are formatted so they can be easily uploaded and shared with your classes digitally. This is great when you teach multiple levels or if you want to save time repeating instructions when students are absent, in ISS, or home instruction.

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Middle or High School Art Lesson Radial Symmetry Mandalas