Grid Drawing Glass: white colored pencil on black paper



This glass drawing lesson is great for high school art classes. White colored pencil is used on black paper to capture the highlights for a high contrast dramatic effect. Students capture the transparencies and reflections of light on various arrangements of glassware. The most challenging part of still life drawing is getting the reference photos taken, edited and gridded. This resource package is a HUGE TIMESAVER.

Included in this lesson is:

  • 40 already gridded images
  • A detailed handout describing how to grid the black drawing paper with measurements and dimensions already worked out. (when students forget what size to make boxes or how to grid their paper, direct them to the handout)
  • Viewfinders
  • A time lapse instructional video you can show your students. The entire drawing unfolds in minutes and students learn how to build up the highlights and use the viewfinder when they reach a difficult area of the drawing. I give lots of advice and tips and point out common issues students often incur.

Some images are single glasses and some are multiple more complex arrangements. You choose which images to give your students based on their ability levels. Students gain so much confidence from this assignment and the results are always amazing.

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If you are interested in learning how to upload this lesson to Google Classroom so your students can access all handouts, presentations, videos, worksheets, photo references, and examples from any device at any time, check out my resource on how to use Google Classroom in the Art room. All of my lessons are formatted so they can be easily uploaded and shared with your classes digitally. This is great when you teach multiple levels or if you want to save time repeating instructions when students are absent, in ISS, or home instruction. Just like anytime you try something new getting started can be scary but once you learn it it becomes second nature. Using Google Classroom for Art has been life changing for me. In this product, I walk you through step by step how to get started and give you tips and ideas to make your lessons go smoother.

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Grid Drawing Glass: white colored pencil on black paper