Full Year High School Art Project Bundle



This bundle of high school art lessons includes a wide variety of materials to use in the high school art class. They can all be taught via distance learning or in the classroom. It comes with a suggested sequence for an Introduction to Art Curriculum with suggestions for modifying lessons according to ability level. All of my lessons can be shared digitally with your students in Google Classroom. This bundle contains drawing, painting, and design lessons for beginner through advanced art. Most of these art projects, contain the presentation to the project in either Google Slides and PowerPoint, video demonstration, or both, reference photos to draw from, modifications for different ability levels, and handouts and worksheets to further practice the skills and concepts presented. It also contains sub plans and drawing worksheets. This bundle is great for teachers that teach multiple levels or who have combined levels in one class. You have everything ready to go when students finish early or are ready to begin the next assignment.

All of my lessons are formatted so they can be easily uploaded to Google Classroom and shared with your classes digitally. This is great when you teach multiple levels or if you want to save time repeating instructions when students are absent, in ISS, or home instruction. Instructions for how to upload these materials are included in this bundle.

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Full Year High School Art Project Bundle