Distance Learning Middle or High School Art Lesson Contour Line



This contour line drawing presentation, video, and worksheet are great to introduce the contour line technique to students. They can be used in the classroom or via distance learning. The presentation is in both Google Slides and PowerPoint format. Students can easily scan the handout with their device and see the presentation on their phones or Ipads even if you do not upload the lesson to Google Classroom.

These resources stress the importance of proper form and not getting caught up in the result or finished product. With a lot of examples and a little humor, the slideshow explains how practicing blind and modified contour line trains your hand and eye to work together. Students see that this exercise is more about the process as opposed to the product. It demonstrates how using one continuous line, moving slowly, and recording all of the details of the subject teaches you how to see things our brain would normally not notice. It compares the process to how an athlete must practice skills before playing the game. The PowerPoint shows lots of student examples and do’s and don’ts. These concepts are reinforced in a video at the end and in a student handout.

Students can draw any subject matter you choose using this technique. I also have great resources to follow this presentation that include photos to draw from and video demonstration showing how to set up the paper, transfer their drawings, and add additional expressive details to their work.

If you would like to learn how to use Google Classroom check out my resource on how to use Google Classroom for art. I walk you though how to set up your class, create assignments, upload resources and grade projects.


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Distance Learning Middle or High School Art Lesson Contour Line