2 Amazing Colored Pencil Drawing Lessons for Middle or High School Art



These two high school art colored pencil drawing lessons are great for beginner through advanced artists. There are two colored pencil drawing lessons included.  One is great for your introduction to drawing classes in either high school or middle school and the other is either a great follow up lesson or for students with prior colored pencil drawing experience.

Students learn how to create hues, tints, and tones using colored pencil. They learn color theory and how to layer colors to build beautiful rich dimension of tone.  In the first lesson students create beautiful drawings of single crystal gems and add zen doodle patterns for added interest and fun.  In the second lesson they use the included photo references to create still life colored pencil renderings of multiple crystal gems.

First, they practice with the value scale exercise and then move onto drawing one crystal at a time. The crystals are simple enough that they can focus on building values in colored pencil and not get distracted by complex forms. Once they master the tints and shades with colored pencil using the single crystal reference images, they can add their own pen and ink doodle patterns to their designs if they would like.

Also included in this colored pencil drawing lesson are multiple crystal still life images. You can use these with your more advanced classes or as a follow up to the single crystal colored pencil drawing lesson.

In this drawing project they practice creating tints, shades and hues of each crystal in the reference image using the practice worksheet. The reference images have links to a video demonstration showing them exactly how to complete the drawing and how to layer the colored pencils.

This colored pencil drawing lesson download for middle or high school art includes:

  • Colored Pencil Drawing Video Demonstrations
  • Zen Doodle Google Slideshow
  • 2 COLOR PDF Color Theory Handouts.
  • 2 Sample Zen Doodle Handouts
  • 1 Practice Colored Pencil Drawing Worksheet
  • 1 Zen Doodle Practice Worksheet
  • 4 Pages of COLOR PDF reference images of gemstones with links to the Google Slides Presentation. Students can click or scan the QR code to see the colored pencil drawing presentation quickly and easily.
  • 6 COLOR PDF reference images of crystal still live with value scale worksheet and a link to video instructions.
  • Teacher Instructions

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Colored Pencil Drawing Middle School Art Lesson or Beginner High School Art Lesson

2 Amazing Colored Pencil Drawing Lessons for Middle or High School Art