BEGINNER SHADING ART WORKSHEET BUNDLE: Middle & High School: Distance Learning



This middle or high school art lesson drawing bundle is great for teaching value and shading in the classroom or via distance learning. It contains a Google Slides version and PDF version of the art project. Each lesson contains three activities that build on each other. Every drawing has its own corresponding video demonstration. Everything is packaged together for you so students simply click the link and can access everything they need in one place. If teaching in the classroom students can scan the worksheet and review the videos right from their phone even if you have not loaded the project to Google Classroom or any other digital platform.

This project is great for beginner students learning how to shade or as a review and practice for more experienced students. This lesson stresses the importance of building up value slowly, looking closely at the reference photo to compare values, noticing the edges where one value meets another, and not using outline. Students shade shapes with even tones and then learn how to create transitions of value. They learn good habits such as continually looking at the reference and making sure you are shading the correct value. It points out common beginner mistakes and teaches students self awareness, what to look for, and how to really observe the image.

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BEGINNER SHADING ART WORKSHEET BUNDLE: Middle & High School: Distance Learning