BEGINNER DRAWING BUNDLE: Middle or High School Art: Distance Learning



This beginner drawing art project sequence is perfect for middle or high school art classes and works beautifully for distance learning, homeschool art,  or in the art classroom. The art projects, lessons, and activities are formatted to be as versatile as possible so students can access the video tutorials easily from home or in class.  They work well for art classes with mixed levels or with students transitioning between home and school.

This Introduction to Art Drawing Bundle is great for beginner artists learning the fundamentals of drawing.  The drawing projects and art activities set them up to incorporate other techniques into their work, but show them the importance of having a good framework first.

The art lessons start very simply with very basic line drawing exercises. Each project builds on the last and students develop good drawing habits and gain confidence fast.

These activities teach students the importance of looking at the reference photo and drawing what they see as opposed to what they think they see. The activities start simple, so students do not have too much to focus on in the beginning.

The line drawing project shows students how to scale up an image and how to compare relationships between parts of the drawing and how to use guide marks to get the correct scale and placement before diving into the details. The negative space project teaches students to also look at the shapes of the negative spaces and compare those relationships as well. The contour line drawing mark-making project helps them understand how lines can be used to describe form and allows them to experiment with different materials to add personality to their work.

Once students learn how to create a good line drawing, then they can begin to incorporate shading and other skills to add more depth and dimension. It is so common for students to get caught up in shading and other details before they have gotten the placement and basic shapes right. This can lead to a lot of frustration and can turn them off to drawing early.

In all of these exercises and projects, it is helpful to remind students to double and triple-check the relationships of all parts of the drawing before they move on. I like to let them know when they find something off, or something they missed at first, that they should think of that as a win. I try to help them really understand that there are a lot of things to focus on when drawing and knowing what to look for and what questions to ask yourself is half the battle.

If you are looking for a follow-up to these lessons, I usually follow up with these projects and have had amazing success. They all begin with the foundational elements they mastered in these lessons and build skills slowly:

Introduction to Shading

Shading Project

Self Portraits

All of my lessons can be shared with your students through Google Classroom or any digital platform. You can find more of my art lessons in my TPT shop.

More of my student’s work and project samples can be found on my Instagram.

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Introduction To Drawing Lesson Bundle

BEGINNER DRAWING BUNDLE: Middle or High School Art: Distance Learning