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Discover exciting middle and high school art project ideas, drawing tutorials, and art projects for teens.  Find ready-to-go art lessons that save teachers valuable time in and out of the art room.   

Do you ever wish you could be in more than one place at a time?

Feel like you are struggling to

Create engaging art lessons

Juggle mixed level art classes

Meet ALL of your students needs

because you are constantly needed in multiple places at once?

I get it...

This is why I create middle and high school visual art lessons and resources that can easily be accessed by your students digitally from their own devices. Students love being able to refer back to art project videos, drawing tutorials, slideshows, drawing worksheets, and drawing lessons. They can easily see examples of finished student artwork, find step by step instructions, and see the drawing techiniques demonstrated anytime.

Free Art Sub Plan Worksheet

Subscribe here to receive a free downloadable line drawing worksheet that can be used as an art sub plan, introduction to drawing activity,  or early finisher project.   This worksheet is great for middle or high school art classes and can be shared with students digitally or printed to use in the classroom.  Students can click the link or scan the code to see video instructions and a demonstration.  This simple line drawing exercise is perfect for starting with the basics.  It is great for building student confidence, understanding the importance of line quality, and is great as a stand alone activity, or  to introduce any line project.  It is also excellent to use a s a sub plan.

Free Middle School Art Worksheet or Sub Plan Line Drawing Art Lesson
High school art project copper mug acrylic painting lesson plan. This project explores color theory and uses a complementary color scheme. Students learn to use the elements and principals of art to create a balanced design.
High School Art Teacher Lauren Bohrman. Lauren shares high school art project ideas and creates art lesson plans for high school. Find art project videos, drawing tutorials, and art projects ideas for high school visual arts classes.


I am Lauren and creating beautifully designed middle and high school art lessons and resources that allow me to spend more quality teaching moments with my students is my PASSION and my ART.

Teaching art in high school should be fun and rewarding, not stressful.  Being prepared with resources to help students use the elements and principals of art, improve their drawing skills, and help everyone’s confidence and success in art skyrocket is so important.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice personal and family time to do this.  

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